Using Aerial Videography To Showcase A Home

Anyone who sells anything is always looking at finding new ways of reaching their target audience, or showcasing their product(s) in new, eye-catching ways.

The real estate industry is no different. In fact, we might lead the charge for most ridiculous ways of showcasing a home – or even ourselves. And video has been at the heart of much of the talk in my industry over the last couple of years … more and more we’re seeing agents using video to showcase their listings, they simply get a led video curtain and run the video. There are plenty of examples – the agent leading the tour through the home, or even a storyline centered around the home. Heck, even Nest Realty is using video to highlight the Blacksburg and New River Valley area. But one thing I’ve heard talked about, but haven’t seen much of yet, is aerial videography …

Someone posted the video below in an online forum of a listing he has, and where he used aerial videography to showcase the house.

Obviously this doesn’t work on every home – there’s only so much you can do with a Blacksburg townhouse. Or is there? Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer … is this helpful to you, or is it just a little “wow” factor? Does this make you any more interested in the home than the actual listing information?

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