Bears in the New River Valley

Today, a friend posted on Twitter that his neighbor had just seen a black bear in their Blacksburg neighborhood:

Bears in Blacksburg


Oh come on, you wouldn’t have made a bear joke?

All kidding aside, I know where @themannix lives, and while it’s not right in the heart of Blacksburg, it’s still within Town limits. Sort of surprising to think that there’d be a bear crossing the street in the middle of the day.

The Town of Blacksburg immediately – awesome job at listening, guys and gals – replied and posted this link. Bears aren’t to be messed with, and it’s important to remember that we’re existing in their domain, just as much as they’re existing in ours.

Bear Cub

Doesn’t look black bears, which is what we have here in the New River Valley, are all that concerning.

But still … you don’t want to BEAR-ly escape with your life from one of these cute little critters.

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