10 Steps To A Great Home Inspection

Preface – this post is a result of an infographic my friend Leigh Brown, a FANTASTIC real estate agent in Concord NC, put together and shared with me. This is a repost of her “Top 10 Ways To Get a Cleaner Home Inspection”.

home inspection tips


According to Squeaky Clean services, you’ve taken the time to stage the house, do the same to get it ready for the home inspection. Some houston home inspectors said there are three things to keep in mind, make sure (1) everything is accessible, (2) that the little stuff is fixed in advance, and (3) to RELAX – they wrote an offer on your house because they liked it, and the home inspection is just a way for them to continue to feel good about their purchase! If you aren’t sure what needs to be in the best condition, then check out the annual inspection checklist.

Good luck! Any more questions? Get in touch and let’s talk!

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