Live Where You Love – Blacksburg

It’s the start of Orientation here at Virginia Tech today, and all around Town we’re seeing starry-eyed (incoming) freshmen and their families wandering the streets.

Welcome to the Class of 2017! We hope you love living here – we certainly do, and we thought we’d show you, in the video below, a little bit about what we think makes Blacksburg special. Welcome to Blacksburg!

This is one of a series of videos Nest Realty produced, and is recognized as a finalist for an Inman Innovator Award.

3 thoughts on “Live Where You Love – Blacksburg

  1. Jessica Ulm

    Aw, thanks guys! I’m working on a couple of big niggles now (like listing pages). If there’s anything that could be improved though, let me know. There’s too much great info here to not be presented in the most usable way possible.

  2. Jeremy Post author

    Thanks Steven! We’re a little behind on getting everything tweaked and pretty, but Jess is hard at work. Grateful!

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