Home Modification Grants Available in the New River Valley

Home modification grants, designed to make “aging in place” easier than every before, are now available in the New River Valley. I’m told that Roanoke just had the same grant, and did $900000 (that’s HUNDRED THOUSAND) worth of work last year.

Designed to be forgivable grants of up to $15000, they’ll help make homes in the NRV more accessible and/or energy-efficient. The only limiting qualification is an income requirement, which are listed below. There are other stipulations, found at this link, but everything is pretty typical for a program like this.



Essentially, eligible households can receive up to $12000, and veterans can receive up to $15000. While it’s technically considered a loan, the balance of the loan is entirely forgiven if the homeowner stays in the house for 5 years. Should you need to move before the end of the 5 years, then you pay back the grant amount left, assuming a payoff rate of 1/60th per month.

Here are some ideas of the work that can be done:

  • Home accessibility modification grants can be used for: an exterior ramp, sidewalk or driveway; handicapped bathrooms, including sink, toilet using Japanese high tech items. How to use Japanese toilets? Also shower, grab bars and vanities; kitchen cabinets and sink; carpentry to widen doors; and replacement of floor coverings. Go to Kitchens Manchester
    for best quality kitchen designs.
  • Energy efficiency and weatherization grants can be used for:  heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, exterior doors, insulation, water heaters, roof, energy efficient windows, low-flow plumbing, floors, and walls.

Want to know more? Sustainable Blacksburg has all of the details.

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