What’s the Luxury Market Like In Radford, VA?

luxury housing in Radford VALast week I was at a conference, and the question was asked by a presenter “what’s the luxury market in your area?” I had an idea, but it was simply based on a gut feeling, and not rooted in stats. So, Alma helped me pulled the numbers for 2012 YTD in Radford VA, which you’ll find below.

For disclosure, we looked at the top 10% of sales in the market, and are considering the “luxury” component to be the least expensive home in the top 10% of sales in Radford.

In Radford VA in 2012, the luxury real estate market starts at $224900. The average sales price YTD is $136319.

8 – 503 Eighth Street, $224900

7 – 95 Ninth Street, $243000

6 – 102 Fifth Street, $253000

5 – 120 Charmont Drive, $256500

4 – 200 Fourth Street, $263000

3 – 303 Woods View Court, $280000

2 – 304 Meadow Ridge Road, $304000

1 – 100 Walnut Lane, $327000

Thoughts? Are you surprised by the number? Think it should be higher/lower?

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