Time for Fall Cleanup, Christiansburg

Christiansburg residents, it’s time for Fall cleanup, aka the annual purge of items you’ve been too lazy to haul off to the dump yourself, or give away on Craigslist and Freecycle!

From the Town’s web posting:

The 2012 Fall Clean-Up will take place from October 1- October 13. During this time, residents of the Town desiring special trash pick-up must place these materials with their garbage on the regular pick-up day. Special trucks will pick up extra items not appropriate for normal weekly pick-up. While there is no charge for items picked up during this time, there will be a charge assessed for items placed out after October 13, 2012.

During Clean-Up, the Town will pick up tree and brush trimmings, old furniture, a maximum of two (2) appliances, and up to four (4) tires per household. If you are getting rid of your old furniture and want some new and trendy furniture then check out Wellingtons Fine Leather Furniture. These are the only times that these items will be removed free of charge by the Town. One surefire way of avoiding disaster is waterproofing your basement.
October 1st will be here soon!

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