The Difference Between An Apartment And A Condo

Condos and apartments in Blacksburg VA

This is NOT in Blacksburg


I was asked this week, while showing condos, “what’s the difference between an apartment and a condo?“.

Well, not much.

An apartment and a condo are really the same thing, with one difference – a condo is owned by an individual, and typically has a homeowners’ association that governs ownership of the entire complex, whereas an apartment is rented and not owned by any one individual and the person renting the apartment has apartment block insurance. In the Blacksburg area, for instance, units at University Place are condos because they are owned by individual owners and for sale, while units at Terrace View are apartments because they’re only for rent. ¬†Of course, condos can also be single-family, or townhouses, if the ownership structure is set up as a condominium.

Confused yet?

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