Will Your Horse Have A Seat at the Table?

Will the horse have a seat at the table?

I’ve heard of requests for chickens to be raised within Town limits, but horses?

In one of the stranger things I’ve heard in a while, a Christiansburg resident posted a link to an online petition opposing the idea of raising horses in Town limits. Well, specifically, raising horses in Residential-1 and Residential-2 zones, which are not exactly “horse-friendly”.

You can read the Christiansburg Town Code, as it relates to Zoning, here – Section 30-30 deals with R-1, and Section 30-38 deals with R-2. What do you think – is this an appropriate rezoning request? I tend to think that if they voted no to chickens, they’re going to have to do the same thing with horses.

What do you think, Cowboys and Cowgirls?

2 thoughts on “Will Your Horse Have A Seat at the Table?

  1. Jeremy Post author

    Thanks Gary – I didn’t realize it was right near you. You’re right (I think) …. if no to the chickens, then no to the horses.

  2. Gary

    I am a Christiansburg resident who lives in the neighborhood where this rezoning request originated. One of our neighbors is actually boarding five horses on a less than half an acre. I don’t think this rezoning request should be sent to town council. If the Town of Chrisitansburg won’t allow chickens, horses should definitely not be allowed. Five horses on less than .25 acres (of enclosed area) is cruel to the animals. They need more room than that.

    And, of course, its not fair to the residents who bought a home in a residential area with the expectation that they were moving into a neighborhood, not a farm. If this request were to be sent to Town Council, it would set a dangerous precedent.

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