Where are the Blacksburg neighborhoods with pools?

Got an email from someone today, asking for information on the neighborhood pools in Blacksburg.  It’s a great question – with summer finally here, the temperature has started to rise. If you have a pool at home but need some help taking care of it check out United Pool Management.

The trouble is, we don’t have any many.

An outdoor pool is a great place to spend a summer afternoon, or even if you just want to relax in your pool area that´s surrounded by Glass Pool Fencing Eastern Suburbs, and a neighborhood pool is even better (because you don’t have to maintain it).  With that in mind, here is information on the available neighborhood and community pools in Blacksburg:

Neighborhood Pools

  • Stroubles Mill/Hethwood – as residents of the Stroubles Mill neighborhood, owners and tenants are able to use both of the Hethwood pools. There is no fee for tenants to use, and residents pay a small annual fee as part of their home owners association.  Non-residents are not able to use the pools at this time.  Here are the homes are available in Stroubles Mill.
  • The Orchards – a small neighborhood pool at the top of Clay Street, this is also available only to residents of the townhouse community called The Orchards.  Here’s what’s for sale in The Orchards.
  • Maple Ridge – this newly established pool (2011) has a pool, restrooms, spa area, and plenty of lounging area for the adults, along with one of the most gorgeous views in the Blacksburg area.  The pool is free for tenants, with restricted hours and visitors, while Owners can use whenever they’d like. See what’s for sale in Maple Ridge.
Community Pools
  • Piedmont – this pool, located at the intersection of Fairfax and Grissom, has single memberships available for $169 per year, and family memberships available for $310 per year – and if you join after July 20th, the rate is cut in half.  There is no wait list. And there are condos available in the nearby Piedmont neighborhoods.
  • Blacksburg Country Club (BCC) Recreational Membership – members and their immediate family can enjoy all Club facilities except for the golf course. Initiation fee is $750, the annual fee is ~ $2000 per year, and there is no waiting list for membership. Recently, the BCC spent $200k on pool renovations, including a splash pad for the kids, pool furniture, and more.  You can find out more about the Recreational Membership here, and look for homes at the Blacksburg Country Club here.
  • Shawnee Swim Club – this one baffles me. I mean, the initiation fee is less ($400) than that of the Blacksburg Country Club, and the monthly fee is just $400 per year, but in order to join you need to (1) pay the fees, (2) have two current members sponsor you, and (3) wait FIVE YEARS.  Yes, there’s a waiting list of five years for this pool.  Does anyone know why?
  • Blacksburg Aquatic Center – by far your cheapest option, the Blacksburg Aquatic Center has no waiting list, and offers several different rates packages, as well as daily fees.  You can see those rates here.

It would seem to me that a pool can’t be a terribly profitable venture, but in the case of a club like Shawnee, why not partner with area apartment complexes in order to ensure those who want the pool experience are able to have it?  I’m sure the liability has to be large, but a five year wait?

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