Will You Be A Legend?

The Legends of Blacksburg condos


High-end condos are coming back into the Blacksburg real estate market – is this a good thing?

Marketed by the fine folks at Coldwell Banker Townside, The Legends of Blacksburg is back.  Originally touted as game day condos, the project was scrapped after a host of issues, and it sat dead in the water.  Now it’s back up, and while the developer is touting these as year-round residences – and they could be – the tone of the advertising still says “game-day condos”.

I don’t have a problem with that, I’m just calling it as I see it.

Is there a market for these?  There was when they were first presented, and people put down significant reservation fees (which were refunded when the project fell apart).  Condos of all shapes and sizes have since struggled, and I wonder if this project will succeed this time around.  The builder has an excellent reputation; I just wonder what the market will bear …

Are you in the market for a game-day an upscale condo in Blacksburg? Is this a project you’d invest in?

4 thoughts on “Will You Be A Legend?

  1. Jeremy Post author

    James, should have known you’d be listening! Internal issues are one thing and I know they were there, but certainly the project collapsed at just the right time – condo sales fell off a cliff soon thereafter, so it was “good” timing, either way.

    Tell us about the redesign of the units. What constitutes a redesign that makes them more suitable for year-round living?

  2. James Oliver

    Jeremy – Thanks for the blog about the Legend’s project. As you may be aware I am one of the principals of the new developer. We are excited to be re-starting this project and would not be doing so if we did not feel the project will be successful. We have worked really hard to re-design the units to make them more than a place to stay for a weekend. Many of the new reservations we have taken have told us they intend to live in residence permanently or for months at a time. The original project fell apart because of internal issues of the original developer not because there was a lack of demand for the product. The Legends project will help to start the revitalization of an older and distressed neighborhood which is good for everyone. Very soon we will start to provide updates on our reservation numbers which are now in the low double digits. I look forward to sharing our information with you and reading the feedback and insights from you and your reader’s. Cheers!

  3. Margaret Galecki

    Very much appreciate the “fine folks at Coldwell Banker Townside” and the “excellent reputation” comments. The current developers, Warren Street Partners, LLC; Jamie Oliver and Mark Kinser, have worked hard with architects and the agents at Coldwell Banker Townside to create floorplans that will be comfortable to not only fans and visiting VT Alumni, but also year-round residents. Our soft-launch marketing has created a lot of interest and a number of confirmed reservations. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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