Seeing Homes Via Pedal Power

It’s beautiful outside the Nest Realty office right now, and the weather is almost perfect – if you like crisp days, like me.  Haven’t had much of a chance to ride the bike to appointments this spring, however, and today’s no different … too many appointments in too many places, and not enough time to get back and forth.

But I’m itching.

If you’re in the Blacksburg area and you want to do some house shopping by bike, let me know.  My pedals need some turning.

Find a home to pedal to.

Commuting around Blacksburg via bicycle is really pretty easy.  I used to be into my creature comforts, but have really come to enjoy it.  Who’s ready to go with me?

Don’t get me wrong, weSanderson Lincoln agency), and with the intelligent transportation systems that there is now, is much easier and safe to travel, but just like recumbent bike reviews pointed out, bikes can just be more fun (and healthy)!

Read more about Spartagen side effects on our review page right here!

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