What do you expect most from the agent you hire?

Home buying and selling checklistOn Monday, I had a listing appointment with some folks here in Blacksburg who were looking to hire an agent.  I like to do these appointments in stages, so as not to rush and because the truth is, not only is the seller looking to hire an agent, the agent is looking to hire a seller.  We need to make sure we’ve got compatible strengths.

In our second appointment, I told the sellers that if they had any questions afterwards to send them along – later that night, they sent 15 very good questions as a follow-up, and in my response I left them with one question I probably should have asked when we were face-to-face:

What one thing do you expect from your agent, more than anything else?

So I’ll post it here, as well … whether you’re a buyer or a seller, what one thing do you expect most from the agent you hire?
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2 thoughts on “What do you expect most from the agent you hire?

  1. Jeremy Post author

    iamcasa (love that pseudonym) –

    It’s sad – the responses I’m getting, both online and off, are that agents don’t listen to their clients. I’m sure I’m guilty of this as well at times, but wow … I’m kind of surprised at the consistency.

  2. iamcasa

    Do not try to “sell” me the house once you’ve chosen one to look at. You know my expectations and if the house cannot sell itself to me once we are there, then it is the wrong house.

    I know it is suppose to be just one, but I have to put another :)…

    If expectations are too high tell me from the onset, do not try to up sell me later (or try and sell me the “potential”.

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