10 Things To Make Your Move to Blacksburg Easier

I don’t do guest posts very much – I guess I just don’t play well with others.  No comments, please.  But this post, by Nest Realty’s own Tina Merritt, seemed like the perfect thing to put on the blog.  It’s … well … good.

Tina and her husband moved to Blacksburg a couple of years ago, leaving behind very successful and established careers in Hampton Roads because they wanted something better for their family, and they found it in the New River Valley.  Regardless of the situation, though, moving is stressful, and Tina has some tips to help keep you – and the move to Blacksburg – safe and sane.

Blacksburg VA at nightMoving to a new place can be so overwhelming.  There always seems to be that time when the furniture is moved in, the utilities are hooked up, the address changed at https://www.change-of-address-online.com, and you sit back and go, “OK, I’m here…now what?

Here are 10 things that really helped me become familiar with my new surroundings in Blacksburg.  I hope these can help you too.

1.  Take the 16 Blocks walking tour.  It’s a great way to learn about the history of Blacksburg and get some exercise as well.

2.  Sign up for the Blacksburg Citizens Institute.  Offered once per year, this is a fantastic way to learn all about the various town departments, how the town operates and also the great amenities available.

3.  Pick up copies of the Blacksburg and Montgomery County Parks and Rec guides.  These can be found at the local libraries, town/county offices as well as the recreation venues themselves.  There are many ongoing classes and activities; some of which provide insight into your new area.

4.  Sign up for a Virginia Tech campus tour.  They’re free and give you a great overview of the campus.  While you may not be affiliated with the University, it is an integral part of our community and offers many benefits for town residents.

5.  Go get a library card.  We have a great library system in Montgomery County.  The libraries are modern, spacious and rarely crowded.  In addition, they offer e-books and even e-readers for check out.

Blacksburg Farmers Market6.  Sign up for Blacksburg Alerts.  This is a town-run notification system which keeps you updated on road closures, meetings, construction updates, and inclement weather.  You can customize your account to receive only the alerts in which you are interested.

7.  Follow DTBlacksburg on Twitter.  Every day, they let us know about specials, events and news going on in our town.

8.  If you have kids in the Montgomery County School System, sign up for Cafe Prepay, a system which lets you put funds into your students’ school meal account (no more bringing cash to school for lunch!).  Also, make sure your school puts you on the email distribution list.

9.  Become a supporter of The Lyric theater.  For just $30 annually, you and your family can receive a 50% discount on all movie tickets plus advance registration privileges for special events.  It’s also tax deductible!

10.  Take your time.  Things tend to move slower here than in many places.  If you expect a fast pace, you will be let down, so just learn to take it easy and enjoy your new surroundings!

Bonus tip: make sure the new place have working air conditioning system, if not then let them first replace it or contact Classic Air Conditioning and Heating and let them fix it.

On a side note, there is also a group for new residents; the Blacksburg Newcomers Club.  I did not know about them when I moved here; however, I have seen a lot more information as of late regarding their events.

What would you add? Drop them in the comments below! 

Photos graciously supplied by the amazingly talented Laura’s Focus Photography. Check her out!

7 thoughts on “10 Things To Make Your Move to Blacksburg Easier

  1. Jeremy Post author

    Liberty, when you were looking for a place to rent, what was the toughest thing? Trying to find one place that had the information you needed, perhaps? What WAS needed, in the first place?

  2. Liberty

    Know that many rental properties are available through management companies – Raines, Townside, CMG Leasing (others?). So Craigslist isn’t the only place to look if you’re renting.

    Subscribe to the Roanoke Times. It’s a good newspaper and they cover Blacksburg too.

    And I have to agree, talking with locals is great!

  3. Tina Merritt

    Wow – great comments! Perhaps a “Newcomer’s Guide” should be in the works. Jeremy???

    More importantly, however, is the people. Resources don’t mean squat if the community isn’t welcoming. I am still in awe over how welcoming everyone seemed to be when we relocated to the NRV.

  4. Jane S

    I would definitely follow @BlacksburgStuff on Twitter and Facebook. Blacksburg Stuff has lots of lists that make getting up to speed quickly as easy as 123.

    If you are a young professional or grad student don’t miss the Up on the Roof social mixer held monthly in warmer months. Joining the Blacksburg Junior Womens club is a great way for young women to get involved.

    If you have a dog, the dog park on Tom’s Creek Rd is a great place to meet people.

    If you have kids, Hand-in-Hand Caboose Park is the place to find young families. If you have teens, booster club, after prom committee and volunteering to chaperone are good ways to meet other parents.

    Sport lover or music lover? Find events on the calendar linked on the bottom right of the vt.edu page.

    And finally, if you have problems getting into a pedriatric group, some of the family practice groups are more welcoming to new patients.

  5. Hilary

    I would add the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market!!!! It is an awesome collection of organic foods, jams, honey, bread, etc… as well as incredible crafts and fine art. One of the best little markets around!

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