Redfin Ticks Off The Real Estate Industry – Again

Redfin, the not-so-little-company-that-could, shook up the real estate industry a week ago with a system they called the Redfin Scouting Report.

The idea was simple – they were taking data pulled from various sources and providing consumers a report of the sales stats of agents in the markets that Redfin serves.  And the real estate community went ballistic.  You can read all about the firestorm – the good and the bad – on the google.

Who cares?  I don’t have a problem with Redfin publishing stats, provided that they’re accurate.  These are the same types of things that a seller is going to ask me when they’re interviewing me to list their home, or that a buyer will ask when determining whether or not they want me to represent them.  If I work a market where Redfin operates and they want to post my stats, that’s fine – I don’t have anything to hide.  So long as the stats are accurate (and they weren’t, which is why Redfin announced the removal of Scouting Reports on Tuesday), publish away.

We’ll see this again, I’m sure – .  In the meantime, if you want to know how I’m doing in the market, just ask.  To get started, feel free to search for New River Valley homes in real-time here, or contact me whenever you’re ready.

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