When’s the real estate window of opportunity closing?

I’d bet $.87 (I’m cheap frugal) that every week for the last few years I’ve been asked some variation of the same question:

“When should I put my house on the market?”

And every time my answer is the same … “when it’s ready.”  If I want to get crazy and mix it up I’ll say “when YOU’RE ready.”  But the general theme is always the same, a house is ready to go on the market when it’s/you’re ready.

There are strong arguments right now that say that NOW is the right time, however, and I agree with four of the five.  #2?  I just don’t know – we don’t have a lot of data that shows what our area’s doing with distressed properties.  If RealtyTrac’s to be believed, the window of opportunity for sellers is closing, which means that same window is opening for buyers like acewindowsne.co.uk.

If you have plans on migrating or transferring into other country which is far big cities. Try Costa Rica, there are lots of vacant Grupo EcoQuintas Costa Rica (LOTS AND LAND FOR SALE IN COSTA RICA ).

My new advice?

“Put your house on the market when it’s ready/you’re ready, and don’t fall in love with a number.”  Sometimes the more important thing is #5, moving on.

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