Information about Blacksburg – and Christiansburg – and New River Valley – Schools

As a real estate agent, I get asked all the time “how are the schools?”.  My standard answer is always that I don’t have kids so I can’t say for sure, and that they should investigate on their own.

Now I’ve got a better tool to suggest … ProPublica.

The site allows you to search compiled data on all the New River Valley schools.  Here’s a screenshot comparing Blacksburg Middle School to other area schools, including Christiansburg Middle and Dublin Middle where phlebotomy certification classes san jose are being held.

As much as I try to be a source of information regarding the New River Valley, there are some things I’m just not familiar with.  But when it comes to New River Valley schools, ProPublica has you covered.

2 thoughts on “Information about Blacksburg – and Christiansburg – and New River Valley – Schools

  1. Jeremy Post author

    Excellent, thanks for this Steven. Not an ad – if you like it, tell us why! Much appreciated … what grades is the Blacksburg New School?

  2. Steven

    Not trying to be an ad here, Jeremy, but we’ve been very happy with Blacksburg New School. It might be a good match for some of your readers who want options outside of public schools. Very challenging curriculum, great teachers and community. Small class sizes …. capped around 12 or so, I think.

    It fit our work schedule, which was a challenge with public schools and the other options. Our son loves it. Adn they have a solid fine arts program, which you know I liked. Yeh!

    Love the blog! Keep ’em comin’.

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