Are real estate signs safety threats?


This issue came up today as I was setting new signs – “are real estate
signs safety threats?”

A neighbor came out to chat as I was placing a sign, and asked that
since her house was laid out exactly like the house for sale, perhaps
I’d consider to have in mind to hire an security guard and not putting out a sign that shows photos of the interior
because it would be a safety concern. An example of such a sign is

3 thoughts on “Are real estate signs safety threats?

  1. Jeremy Post author

    Margie, thanks for this perspective. You said that with photos online … “history has proven the concerns to be unfounded.” To both you and Jaclyn, could we expect the same from real estate signs? And what’s the difference between this and putting flyers out in front of a house? Are we setting sellers up for problems?

    I’m obviously for it, that’s no secret. I think an informed buyer is an empowered buyer, and an empowered buyer is a buyer who will make a decision. But I don’t want to completely discount the sentiment, either – it’s interesting to hear the different sides.

    And Jaclyn, I’m leaving it up to the seller because, in truth, it’s ultimately their decision.

  2. Jaclyn

    I have to admit, I’ve thought the same thing after seeing these new signs. While on one side they are attractive and I’m sure a great selling aid – the other side is that you are essentially living in a fishbowl and showing any old ‘Joe Schmoe’ on the street what all you have inside your house. …So what did you say to the neighbor?

  3. Margie MacDonald, RE/MAX Presidential

    I think the way sellers feel about this will have to do with where they live and what they have in their house. I have always lived in big cities on the east coast. The rule of thumb seems to be that what the eye can see becomes a temptation. When I lived in Boston, we all took the radios out of our cars so that we weren’t constantly replacing smashed windows. Living outside of Washington, DC, now, I have a friend that always makes sure that his shades are closed at night so that no one can see his large HDTV. It’s a safe area, but break-ins happen.

    The argument is that anyone will be able to see the interior photos on a website so how is putting the photos on a sign in front of the house any different? I know when we first started publishing photos online, we were all worried about the very issues I described above, but history has proven the concerns to be unfounded.

    As a seller, I would be uncomfortable with it. As an agent, you can offer marketing options and let the Seller decide if it’s an option they would like to use.

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