Coldwell Banker Townside Creates A Mobile Search App

Mobile real estate search has come to the New River Valley.

Oh sure, there are apps that let you search real estate – I even have one.

But to date, no real estate company in the New River Valley has provided home buyers and sellers a mobile application … until now.  Still in it’s infancy, and not related to search just yet, Coldwell Banker Townside recently debuted their new mobile app on both the iPhone and Android platforms, and our GM Margaret Galecki and I both had a few things to say (shocking, I know) about it.  here’s a link to the article, scanned from the paper.

As I said in the article:

“… the industry as a whole is notoriously slow to change, yet CBT decided they weren’t going to wait for change, but were going to create it.”

And as a mobile app:

“… it may just be an initial foray into offering helpful content on smartphones.”

The app isn’t robust yet, and it most certainly doesn’t do all that it will be capable of doing.  But the first to jump in the pool makes the most noticeable splash.

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