A New Way Of Searching the New River Valley

Welcome to Qwiki.

About a week ago I heard about a new site called Qwiki, which took a unique approach to searching content.  Over the last few days ago I’ve been playing with the site a bit, and I’m really interested in where this technology can go, and in particular how it can be used in real estate.  Take a look at Qwiki’s “take” on Blacksburg VA:

Imagine you’re a home buyer, researching a relocation to Montgomery County. You can learn plenty of information about an area by searching the Google, or by perusing the County website. But we’re humans, we’re visual, and reading a website or three only provides so much of the information we need to process.  Qwiki helps fill that void.

Qwiki is in alpha, which is a step below beta, which is a step below ready for market.  I really believe this has the potential to be a HUGE value-add, particularly for real estate (i.e. what’s it like in a particular neighborhood, or how do I ____?). I don’t think it replaces traditionally real estate searching, because let’s be honest – without the product, without the house, nothing else matters. I DO think it can be a real benefit to home buyers who want even more information, or to sellers who want to monitor (and improve) what is being said about their community. Can’t wait to play with this some more.

Here are some more qwiki’s on Christiansburg, and Radford, respectively.

Go ahead … grab a Qwiki.

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