Where To Dispose of Christmas Trees in Blacksburg, Christiansburg & Radford

That big green tree you cut down prior to Christmas is now a scraggly, Charlie Brown mess.  So what do you do with that Christmas tree if you live in Blacksburg, or Christiansburg, or Radford?

Town of Blacksburg:

  • Town residents can begin placing their Christmas trees at the curb, January 3 – January 14.  That should give all of us procrastinators plenty of time to finish the job.  See this link for more information.
  • In case you’re interested, trees will be chipped and used for an alternative fuel source. I love that …

Town of Christiansburg:

  • Trees can be placed on the street for curbside pickup during the week of January 3rd – January 7th.  There are no drop-off points in Town that can take trees, curbside pickup only.

Montgomery County:

City of Radford:

  • Trees will be collected at the curb, on your trash day, between January 3rd – January 17th.  You can also take them to the solid collection sites.

Photo from Laurenlme

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