How “Walkable” are Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford?

Ever feel like putting on your walking shoes and going for a walk through the neighborhood? In some places in the New River Valley that’s a breeze, while in others, taking a walk on a busy street is like playing Frogger with your eyes closed.

Which is likely just one reason that Christiansburg has been discussing sidewalks for so long.

But how walkable, really, is Blacksburg?  How easy is it to walk to downtown Radford from some of the surrounding neighborhoods?

Enter WalkScore’s map of VA is a great site to visit when looking at real estate.  By plugging in the address of a property, you can get all kinds of useful information, like how close to a school a property is, or to restaurants and shopping.

When you click on the link for VA, you’ll see a list of the areas that are mapped.  Blacksburg ranks as the most walkable of the New River Valley locations, while Radford comes in second and Christiansburg comes in third (those pesky sidewalks again).

I really think this is something municipalities are going to have start paying attention to.

2 thoughts on “How “Walkable” are Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford?

  1. Anonymous

    Yea, it’s a cool tool that can actually be useful, too. Your downtown location probably does skew things, plus the location of the nearby grocery store, gas station, etc.

  2. Darla

    This is really interesting. I live in Christiansburg, but my “walk score” is 62. I’m assuming it’s because I live near downtown. Cool stuff.

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