An Easy Way To Follow Real Estate Values In Your Area

You’re not moving anytime soon, sure, but everyone likes to know how well their neighborhood is retaining value, right?

Well, there’s an easy way to do just that, and all it takes is an email address.  Just send me your name, email address and the neighborhood or area you live in, and I’ll make sure you’re notified every time a property in your neighborhood comes on and off the market.  Be the envy of all your friends!  You’ll know every price change, every sales price … you’ll be the life of the party!

But seriously, if you want to know how real estate values are doing in your area, then sign up for this automated service.  I will not SPAM you … I’ve never contacted anyone who’s taken me up on this offer in the past, and I won’t begin doing so now.  If it helps, I won’t even save your address – I just need to know it in order to set up the search.

I’ve just found that if you’re interested in following the values in your area, this is a good, real-time way to do that.  I’ve set it up for myself to track my own neighborhood, and those of some of my former clients, and can do the same for you.  Just contact me and I’ll set it up; I hope you find it useful.

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