10 Ways To Attract Good Tenants

As a landlord, “the turn” can be one of the most stressful times of the lease.  In a short period of time one set of tenants moves out, the property is cleaned and prepared, and a new set of tenants moves in.  As a rental property owner going through a “turn” myself, a post by Wolkia was timely.  In it she identifies ten ways to attract good tenants.

  1. Dress professionally.  First impressions matter and will set the tone for your relationship with the tenant.
  2. Allow pets.  Many property management companies will no longer allow pets.  Being pet-friendly can set you apart and attract more potential tenants to you.
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  4. Be organized and have procedures in place.  If you are disorganized, it will make the tenants think you don’t care.  Have checklists and paperwork in order.
  5. Show that you care for the property and the tenants will care too.  Even if it’s outdated in areas, a clean property can overcome many objections.  Wash the windows, manicure the yard, even add some roman blinds here and there (Bonus: I actually know a good place to get one http://aspirationblinds.co.uk/blinds/roman-blinds/)… show some pride of ownership.
  6. Offer a discount for a multi-year lease and/or for payroll/bank draft setup.
  7. Let them know that you will be accessing the property every other month for a maintenance checkup.  Ask the tenants to put any non-emergency maintenance items on a list on the refrigerator so you can address them on your visit.
  8. Send them birthday cards.  Yes, it is a business transaction; however, showing you care can go a long way.
  9. Include a washer and dryer.
  10. If, due to economic conditions, you need to offer a free month rent … NEVER offer the first month free.  You are inviting deadbeats to live in your property for free for 30 days.  Instead, offer the free month after 6 months or over the holidays.
  11. Be present.  Be available.  Lack of communication can quickly break down the tenant/landlord relationship.  Respond to their questions and concerns promptly.

Being a landlord doesn’t have to be difficult.  The horror stories are out there, certainly, but with careful preparation – of the property, of your processes, and of your tenant selection – it can be a very rewarding opportunity.  Thanks, Tina, for the post.

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  1. jenisebhruvel

    I agree, this could be a bit of a risk, but if I attract good tenants and can still produce an income on the property knowing a reasonable security would help pay for any issues, I think it's good business. I'm a pet owner and former renter and realise how tough it is.

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