I’m Thinking Of A Number Between One and Five

The votes are in …

In 2009, yours truly was named the #2 real estate agent in the New River Valley.  As part of my 12-step plan to take over the world, I participated in a highly-organized, well-planned, subversive video campaign to knock Mike Eggleston from his #1 perch.

And I failed.  That’s right – I actually got worse at my job, according to readers of The Roanoke Times.  See for yourself … it’s right there on Page 35. You all really know how to make a guy feel special.

I kid.  While I hadn’t exactly planned to have a t-shirt printed with #4 on it, it’s pretty amazing to be named with such great agents.  And to have three of the top five all come from the same office?  Absolutely phenomenal, and one of the reasons why I’m proud to associate with the office that you named, once again, the best in the New River Valley.  Thank you for your support of us all through the years, and let me tell you – The Roanoke Times needs to expand their list next year because we’ve got plenty more great agents who deserve to have their names included!  Oh, and congratulations to Brandon Nicely and Alcova Mortgage, named the best mortgage company in the New River Valley as well!

And for old times sake, we’ll bring back one of the videos … now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to burn my #2 shirt.

2 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Of A Number Between One and Five

  1. Jeremy_Hart

    Thanks, Ricardo! Good memory – I switched everything over a while ago. Lots of tweaking, breaking, and asking for help!

  2. Ricardo Bueno

    Jeremy: first off, kudos! Secondly, the last time I visited your blog you were on Typepad (if I'm not mistaken). Nice change over to WordPress! I dig what you've done with the site 🙂

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