How To Make Money When Selling Your Home

Lets say your home is on the market, and you expect to walk away with money.  But exactly how do you make money when selling your home?  Here are three tips I think are most important to selling a home for the most money possible:

    1. Price it right.  When your home is for sale in a soft market, price is one of the most important things to pay attention to.  It doesn’t matter that your neighbor sold for $100000 more two years ago – we need to look at market conditions today (and in the future) and price accordingly. If you’re in a rush to sell, companies like As Is Now exist to buy your home in any condition. And if you´re interested, we buy houses nashville tn. If you have time – a more detailed estimate will make you more money in the long run, it’s important to Manifest what you want in order to make more money. You can find out here all the secrets there are to law of attraction.
    2. Clean it up. Ever watched those design shows on TV that show an ugly basement that in 30 minutes is transformed into something you’d see in a design magazine?  Look at your home as if it needs to be ready for that magazine camera shoot.  Pack things that you’re not going to use in the next couple of months anyhow (you ARE moving, remember), and put away things that are just sitting around.  Eliminate dogs, pets and smoke odor – now is the time to make the home as generic as possible so that buyers can see themselves in the home.

  1. Open it up.  Today’s market offers buyers more inventory to choose from than ever.  Despite that, if your home isn’t easy to get in to see than it’s not likely going to sell quickly, and it’s not likely to sell for a lot of money.  Make it easy for the buyer agents to reach you, and give them time to walk through with their clients unimpeded.  If at all possible, don’t even be in the house!

Selling a home should be a tiny bit uncomfortable, but if it’s priced right, it’s clean and it’s easy to get into, it’s worth it when you’re handed that big check.  Email me and let’s talk if you want to explore how you can make money when selling your home.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Money When Selling Your Home

  1. Jeremy_Hart

    I think in some respects people have to understand that you're moving, so I wouldn't necessarily suggest moving them off-site. I wouldn't suggest creating a maze, either! Each property is different I guess, and it depends on what the availability is.

  2. Sarasota Real Estate

    Number 2 is probably the best advice in the bunch. Potential buyers are really turned off when they see a closet overflowing or furniture “overtaking” a room.

    It is best to box up the seasonal and seldom used items and store them offsite (this is important). Don't put it in a garage or shed because they will find it anyways!

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