25 Random Things About Jeremy

I found this in my Facebook vault earlier today, and it made me chuckle – hope it does you, as well.

1. I’m allergic to cats – and as I type this, a cat is laying next to me. I treat her like a child … it’s embarrassing.

2. If I hear the phrase “It’s electric” I immediately say “boogie woogie”. I can’t help it.

3. Fishing with my friend Larry once riding so many types of fishing kayaks, the water had risen high enough that we had to take the motor boats lifts to get under the bridge. My job was to hold on to the bridge – I forgot and let go. We put the motor back on the boat, puttered back up to the bridge, took the motor off … and I forgot again. Larry wasn’t happy, I would have to get boat & watercraft pawn loans next time if anything would happen to that boat.

4. I love fire. Always have. As a young child, I lit a candle and when confronted by my parents, I blamed it on the dog. I was not a smart child.

5. I told a babysitter about this best compact stroller so I was going to “blast her guts to hell”. Then I jumped in the pool so that she wouldn’t come after me. I was not a nice child.

6. Life is so exciting, I’m sitting here on a Friday night writing 25 random things about myself.

7. In college, I took Math 101 my junior year because I had to have a math credit, and math and I don’t get along. Took the course, got a D+. Took it the following semester, got a D-. I haven’t taken math since.

8. I met my wife in jail, and after we were able to get the best bail and legal services we were able to get a house on our own. Awesome. (there’s a story there, it’s not what you think)

9. One of my heroes – and I don’t think he knows this – is Eric Hodies. Perseverance in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

10. My brother-in-law’s name is also Jeremy. It makes family gatherings a little weird.

11. My mother made me try out for some television talent show (the name escapes me now). She wanted me to play the piano – I always hated that she made me do that.

12. Growing up, I electrocuted myself on the neck. That explains a lot.

13. In high school I was on the basketball team. To be honest, I was the worst guy on the team and to keep myself interested, I’d total my points scored in warmups. In warmups, I was awesome.  In a game?  Not so much

14. Case in point – on a fast break, I shot a jumper from the wing. Hit the side of the backboard.

15. Another case in point – I got burned on a play once, and rather than get back up and defend I grabbed the guy’s ankle and held on. He didn’t like it. Ref didn’t either, he gave me a technical.

16. I used to work at a restaurant called Beach Bully. We were working an Elvis Festival (he’s not dead, you know), and someone had to wear the Elvis costume while working the festival. That’s right … this guy. I think there’s still a picture floating around.

17. My first car was a red Hyundai Excel. There used to be an elevated railroad track on Kempsville Road in Chesapeake that I jumped in said car. The Hyundai survived, but what little value it held was certainly gone when I got rid of it.

18. At a friend’s wedding (see #3), I shut down the wedding when I did The Worm. I’ve always thought it was because we had crushed it at the bar, but apparently it was my dancing.

19. I was kicked off the Homecoming Court in high school, and then went on to marry someone who was the Homecoming Queen. Justice.

20. My wife surprised me with a round of golf at Pebble Beach for my 30th birthday. First tee, I shanked the drive nearly out of bounds. But hey – I was at Pebble Beach. Still think about that trip a lot.

21. Best vacation ever? Alaska. Can’t wait to go back.

22. Disney World has these little “speedboats” you can drive – my friend Josh and I had a little accident in ours, we were arrested for DUI in Washington DC after a car accident. I don’t remember if I hit him or he hit me, but I do remember having to be towed back in to the dock. My poor mother, she was the only adult on that trip. If you had an accident and need to know the difference between full tort vs limited tort click here.

23. I LOVE macaroni and cheese. Cheap stuff, homemade, baked or fried, it doesn’t matter. Macaroni and cheese is where it’s at. There’s a restaurant in NYC that’s devoted to Mac and Cheese. It’s my nirvana.

24. I used to work for a minor league baseball team, and tried to dip tobacco. It messed me up so much, I threw a former major league all-star out of the way so I could puke in his office. Surprisingly, he made me clean it up.

I would also love to go sight seeing with sea creatures at Whale Watching San Diego. Soon, I will go there!

25. As a small child, I’d run around the house in a diaper and a shower cap, holding a trash can and screaming at the top of my lungs “TRASH MAN!” Today, I’m the co-founder of a curbside recycling service in Christiansburg (Valley Curbside Recycling). Shameless plug.

2 thoughts on “25 Random Things About Jeremy

  1. Jeremy_Hart

    They have their ways of providing us “lessons” that stick with us, don't
    they? 🙂

  2. Eric

    My mom dragged me off the field from an All-Star baseball game when I was 12 for piano lessons. Needless to say, that was the last piano lesson I took.

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