Blacksburg Mayor Discusses Public Transportation

There’s been an interesting discussion taking place at Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam’s blog over the last few days regarding public transportation options and the Virginia Transit Association.

What’s that?  You didn’t know Mayor Rordam had a blog?

Well he does, and it’s been fairly active over the last few months.  I’d encourage you to join in the conversation …

Should Blacksburg and the New River Valley have a public transportation option, like rail?  The VTA is a good organization to get the conversation started, but as stated on their website, they provide education and advocacy:

Founded in 1977, the Virginia Transit Association (VTA) provides public education and legislative advocacy to support public transportation systems throughout the Commonwealth. The VTA has 57 total members, which include 24 transit properties and 33 business and associate members.

Which means your/our voices need to be heard.

Join the conversation.

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