Do You Know Your Home’s WalkScore?

Yesterday I went for a run – a very slow run – and I was surprised by something.

Because of my job and the distances between towns here in the New River Valley, I obviously travel by car quite a bit – more than I’d like to, really.  And since I have a tendency to be rushing, I’ll take the fastest route possible and don’t always get to see the side streets and alleys that connect neighborhoods together.

So yesterday while I was out huffing and puffing, I noticed something – there are a lot of people in Blacksburg that commute to and from work.  And that’s cool.  In a short period of time I noticed at least a dozen people, all in work clothes, walking or riding their bike home from work.  I never knew so many people in the area did that; it was really cool to see.

While I love the New River Valley, sometimes getting around by foot or bike can be a bit difficult, so it was nice to see people doing it anyway.  And if you’re interested in just how easy it is to walk around your neighborhood, try out  It’s a site that quantifies just how easy – or difficult – it is to get to points of interest in your area; just plug in the address and you’re off.

Try it out – see you on the trail?

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