Be A Part of Revitalizing Downtown Blacksburg


Blacksburg’s Downtown Revitalization Recruitment Committee is working to recruit new businesses that will complement existing offerings downtown and fill up vacant storefronts. One suggestion has been to look at the feasibility of recruiting a pharmacy. The committee is conducting a survey to gauge community interest. The responses to the survey will help the committee understand if there’s interest in recruiting such a business; will determine potential customer base; and give an idea of the services a pharmacy should offer.

You can find the survey here – responses are due January 15th, please pass this on to your friends and neighbors.

I’ve taken the survey, and I hope you will as well, but I hope we’re going to focus on bringing more than just a pharmacy to downtown Blacksburg.  Let’s also:

  1. focus on bringing residences – not student apartments, but residences – back into the central core.
  2. make parking convenient, and central to the shops and businesses that are there, because let’s face it – although it’s nice to think we can create a walking downtown, people are still going to drive there and without places for them to park, they won’t walk.
  3. have covered walkways, encouraging foot traffic regardless of the season.
  4. make on-street music available.

Prescription bottleWe bemoan the loss of the mom and pop stores that have been the hallmark of small town America for years and years, but truth-be-told I’d be willing to see regional and national groups fill our storefronts if it meant that our storefronts were filled.  I really believe Bill Aden has it right when he suggests Blacksburg is focusing on environmental sustainability at the endangerment of economic stability … there’s a place for both.  Between the offices within walking distance of downtown and the 800-lb gorilla that is Virginia Tech, there is enough foot traffic in our little town to warrant tweaking the balance.

Now excuse me … my prescription is ready.

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