Brandon Nicely Loves Hair Bands – and Buyer Credits

Everyone probably remembers the hit song from Bon Jovi:  “ITS MY LIFE……….ITS NOW OR NEVER!!!!”

This song says it all about the first time homebuyer advantages that are still available.  Here are the specifics:

If you have not purchased a property in the last 3 years and buy something before November 30th you qualify for an $8k tax credit.   This is not a tax deduction but an actual $8k cash check rewarded to you for buying a home.

That’s it!  It’s easy, here’s the formula … Lowest prices in many years + $8k cash tax credit + historic low interest rates = best time to buy.  If you have waited it out now is the time to jump in.  A normal loan process takes about 30 days from the time you sign a contract, which means you would need to find a house this month and make an offer to make the tax credit deadline.

A lot of you may be wondering, “Well I have not saved up 20% down payment and I don’t know if I would qualify right now.”  Don’t wait, call me today as there is no charge for a consultation and there are still actual 100% loans available.

If you make less than $75k chances are you would qualify for a 100% loan with an interest rate below 6%.  If you make more than $75k chances are you only need 3.5% down to purchase your first property with  a rate below 6%.

So if you are thinking about buying your first home take some wisdom from OG Mandino when he said “I will act now.  I will act now.  I will act now.”

Brandon Nicely


Brandon is a branch partner at Alcova Mortgage.  He enjoys doing his taxes, firewalking and competitive eating, but not necessarily in that order.  You can reach him at, or 877-552-7150.

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