The Cost Of Living In The New River Valley

Cost of livingEver wondered how far your salary would go if you moved to another area of the country?  OR, maybe you’re moving to the New River Valley, and you’re wondering what you’ll need to make in order to maintain your lifestyle. has come up with a calculator to do just that, as well as many other calculations – want to know when you’ll be a millionaire?  There’s a calculator for that.

We’ll start with some assumptions.  We’ll assume that a couple makes $100000 a year, and they are moving to New York City.  In order to maintain their Blacksburg lifestyle in New York City, they’d need to make $216000 a year, a significant increase.  And everything costs more, as well – groceries and utilities are 50% more, while housing can be had for an astonishing 270% more!

Blacksburg VA

Or, perhaps you’re moving into the New River Valley and want to see how things compare to your current location of, say, Washington DC. Assuming a $100000 lifestyle in Washington DC, a couple would need to make $74000 here in the New River Valley – and daily needs like groceries and housing are cheaper, as well.

Check out the calculator – how does the New River Valley stack up to your area?

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