A Virtual Handshake

One of the interesting things about this Internet that Al Gore gave us is the myriad of ways that people are always finding new ways of engaging and interacting and, in some cases, doing business.  What works for you might not work for me, and vice versa.  But one thing we all have the opportunity to do is make friends, offline, with the people we “know” offline.

I’ve had that opportunity with the folks at Handshake 2.0, and I’m grateful.  Recently, they called – well emailed and Tweeted ’cause that’s how we roll – myself and Tommy Clapp, from advantage-properties.com, to ask how all this social media stuff was working in the real estate business … here’s the article.  Thanks to Z. Kelly Queijo for the article, and I’m looking forward to extending that handshake in real life!

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