It’s All About Your Neighborhood, and It’s SPAM Free!

Ever wondered how to find out what that creepy neighbor sold their house for?  I remember the neighborhood Christmas parties – seems someone always wants to talk about real estate, and inevitably someone will ask “what do you think I can get for my house?
I’m glad to talk real estate – it’s one of my passions – but what if you could stay on top of the market and be the
envy of all your friends?  Now YOU can be the neighborhood expert at cocktail parties, just email me with your New River Valley neighborhood and I’ll set up an automatic search that will notify you when a new listing hits the market in your neighborhood, and if it sells.  Easy enough, and no, I will not contact you otherwise – these emails as SPAM-FREE!

If you’re interested, email me at jeremy at nrvliving dot com and I’ll set it up for you.  I’ve already had several past clients sign up for updates on their own neighborhoods, and it was so well-received I thought it might be helpful for everyone.  All of this information is online and available for public consumption, let me make it a little easier and send it directly to you, in real time!

Thanks, cobalt123, for the image.

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