EverythingNRV.com and Housing Shortages

Tim Jackson quoted me in a piece he did at EverythingNRV.com entitled "Two Sides of the Coin".

I love seeing people pick up on what the market's doing here, and I thank Tim for including me in his piece.  I did find much different data than he reported with regards to sales figures for both November and December of 2008 and 2007, which I addressed in the comments.  Nevertheless, thanks to Tim for writing and asking me to participate, be sure to check out EverythingNRV.com and add it to your daily read!


Seems like we covered this last year, as well, but Virginia Tech has announced another shortage of housing for on-campus rooms.  Let's see … buyers' market, great loan rates, students having to move off-campus … who might be interested in an opportunity like this? 

Investors.  Parents.  Students with documented sources of incomeEmail me … we need to talk. 

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