Want To Sell Your House? Don’t Ignore These Details

This has been making the rounds across the Web right now – it's a simple reminder of what sellers (and their agents) should be paying attention to.  It doesn't matter if it's a home in Blacksburg, or Christiansburg, or Radford … all of these things make a difference.  The short list? 

  1. De-clutter
  2. De-pet
  3. Leave during showings
  4. Your first offer is often your best offer
  5. Lowball offers are simply starting points – they're not insults
  6. Update, clean and paint
  7. Curb appeal matter
  8. De-personalize
  9. Lighten up the house
  10. Fix broken stuff

And Jim Duncan adds #11 – "Price to the market; what you owe does not matter to the buyers or the market."

H/t to Lani for the link

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