So Easy, A Caveman Could Do It

I've been meaning to put this post out there for quite some time, then a month or two ago another agent did 
something similar and so I figured it was probably time to move it up the To-Do list.
A lot of people ask me "when's that house down the street going to sell?", or "how much did that two-story on Main Street sell for?"  While I'm glad to tell you, there's a way you can find out even faster.  If you'll email me your name, email address and the neighborhood you live in, I'll set up a search in the MLS that'll email you every time a property in your neighborhood comes on and off the market.  You'll be the first to know when it this the market, the first to know if the price changes … be the envy of all your friends!  Don't worry – by providing your email address I won't be spamming you, or sending you cutesy recipe cards in the hope that you'll remember my name.  If it helps, I won't even save your address.

I've just found that if you're interested in following the values in your area, this is a good, real-time way to do that.  I've set it up for myself to track my own neighborhood, and those of some of my former clients, and can do the same for you.  Just email me and I'll set it up; I hope you find it useful.

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