NEWS FLASH: NRVLiving’s Abandoning Real Estate, Moving Into Apparel! Video at 11!

NRVLiving Gear
Out of the Absolutely-Positively-100%-Without-A-Doubt-Shameless-Promotion-And-I-Don't-Care Department comes this post …

Last week Jay Thompson in Phoenix talked about how he was paying models across the country to show off his "Phoenix Real Estate Guy" t-shirts.  Jay is known far and wide as THE Phoenix real estate dude in, well, Phoenix, and now he has the models to prove it.

Which got me thinking …

I haven't mentioned in a very long time that NRVLiving Real Estate has things for sale.  We have for a long time, actually.  Shirts … and mugs … and stuff for kids … and it's Christmas, don't you need to pick up some last-minute gifts for the special pet in your life?

It's true, the NRVLiving Real Estate Group has it's own store, and you can buy all kinds of things there that are emblazoned with our very own NRVLiving logo.  I mean, look at that smile on WDBJ7's very own Natasha Ryan as she shows off her new t-shirt!  Don't you want that same sense of excitement?!

Seriously though, we do have a store.  And it's not to put money in our pockets, either – we're an entrepreneurial bunch here, but not quite like that.  See, we don't talk about the ways we're involved in the community very much, but one of the things I AM proud to talk about is our involvement with a local child care center, the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.  The folks involved with this center are very dedicated to their mission … taking care of children from low-income, working families throughout the New River Valley, so that Mom and Dad can get back into the workforce.  One of the many ways we support this group is through the NRVLiving Store – 100% of all profits we make go directly back to the center.  It's not much, I promise you, but every little bit counts. 

All kidding aside, if you'd consider supporting the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center through our store we'd greatly appreciate it.  And if you'd like to discuss other ways you might be able to support, either through volunteering your time and talents, dedicated giving, etc., let me know – I'd be glad to tell you more about what we're doing.  The needs are great, for sure – thanks for considering how you might give back.


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