News Ain’t Just Broken On TV Any More

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by WDBJ7's news anchor Natasha Ryan about a story she was writing on the online social media site called Twitter.

Now, I've admitted my addictions here on the blog before, and it was interesting to see a local news outlet not only recognizing the power of the service but taking the time to investigate it further.  Below is the final result, in two parts done on last night's broadcast:

Certainly I feel the service is an invaluable tool – it helps me connect with friends, it's enabled me the opportunity to meet current and future customers, and it's even influenced the creation of a new small business startup in the New River Valley.  It's nice to see local news outlets exploring new ways of breaking news and staying in touch with their viewers.  If you're on Twitter, make sure to check out these local news and civic organizations:

There are many more, I'm sure, but these were some I could recall off the top of my head.  Thanks to Natasha and WDBJ7 for the story, as well as to Patsy Stewart, Ira Kaufman and Stuart Mease for their participation as well, and to Kevin Cupp for recording the video!

Hey – are we connected?

6 thoughts on “News Ain’t Just Broken On TV Any More

  1. Ricardo Bueno

    Hey Jeremy,

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

    As I told Mike, it’s positive reinforcement that what we’re doing is having an impact (a positive one).

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