VAR’s Second Blog Brawl

Earlier in 2008, the Virginia Association of REALTORS held it's first Blog Brawl.  NRVLiving went deep into the tournament, eventually falling and quietly shedding tears.  Well, the second Blog Brawl was organized just a few days ago at VAR, and NRVLiving was once again in the tournament.

Unfortunately, I didn't tell you all so that I could shamelessly beg for votes.  I got caught up in some other things, and today it was announced we didn't even make it past the second round!  Well … congratulations to the winners.  We'll be back, I'm sure of it! 

(Here's a video of Ben and Jovan at VAR making fools of themselves.  Love these guys – our state association really is the best)

Blog Brawl 2 – Round 2 winners from Andrew Kantor on Vimeo.

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