E-Waste Recycling Event

Have old electronics piling up, and don't know what to do with them?  Old computers, radios … we've all had them at some point, and you've likely wondered what to do with them.  I've got an easy solution for you – bring them to the second annual E-Waste Recycling Event, to be Saturday November 8 from 9 am to 3pm.  And it's FREE.  The event is a joint venture between Virginia Tech and Hollins University.

Click the image below to see the full list.

E-Waste Recycling | Environmental, Health and Safety Services | Virginia Tech
It's important.  From their website:

Along with many other serious issues facing our environment, the
world is experiencing a crisis in electronic waste. Toxic materials
such as lead, mercury, chlorine and bromine are commonly used in
producing computers and other electronics, and if these devices are
dumped into solid waste systems after they have outlived their
usefulness, the toxins can seep from landfills into groundwater or be
released by incinerator emissions or ash.

e-waste is often sent to developing countries for recycling. However,
once there it is often simply discarded. Even if recycling occurs, the
process used in those countries is very dangerous to workers and
pollutes the general environment.

Load up the cars, and bring in that old stuff.  There are a LOT of items they'll take, but some they can't – check their website for a more comprehensive list.  It'll be held at the old Blacksburg Middle School, 501 South Main Street in Blacksburg.

Thanks to Natalie for pointing this out!

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