Ask Appraisal Questions of Leslie Frantz THIS WEEK!

I had a video session scheduled today with Leslie Frantz, owner and operator of Hometown Appraisal Services here in Blacksburg, and we FORTUNATELY had to cancel the appointment. 

I wanted to talk with Leslie about how the current market has changed her appraisals, and what she's seeing on a daily basis because, truthfully, if there's anyone that sees more homes in the New River Valley it's probably Leslie – this woman is BUSY!  I say that it's a fortunate delay for all of us, then, because it gives you an opportunity to ask Leslie questions directly … are you a buyer in today's market, who just put an offer on your first home and are waiting for the appraisal to come back?  Or, perhaps you're a seller getting ready to put your home on the market, and want to make sure your agent has accurately analyzed the market … regardless of your situation, if you have  questions for Leslie, email me (jeremy at and I'll do my best to work them into the next appointment with Leslie.  We're scheduled to meet later this week, so email them as soon as possible!

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