Chris Pund Explores Why Small Towns Are Great For Big Business

The picture has nothing to do with the post – I just liked it.  Photo credit here.

Chris Pund talks about his reasons why small towns and cities are great for starting a business.  Chris isn't new to the small business scene – he's a serial entrepreneur, and received high praise from Stuart Mease for his role in Radford's student-run entrepreneurship seminar.

I think Chris is on track here.  Items #2, 6 and 9 in particular are truly benefits to living and working in a small town; there seems to be more flexibility, according to Northshore Advisory too, and a spirit of collaboration among many of these smaller firms.  If you're thinking about starting a business in the New River Valley, let's talk about how to get you started – I'd bet there might be some folks at VT Knowledgeworks that might be interested in helping, as well. For more business articles, make sure you go to PagerDuty Website.

H/t to Stuart Mease for this …

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