Radford Finally Gets It Right

Well, they’re on their way, at least.

At last night’s Town Council meeting, Radford got two pieces of business right … they passed – unanimously, I might add – a rezoning for Tyler Place, a five-story mixed use development with a five-story garage.  They also voted – again unanimously – to begin inspecting rental housing in two areas of the city.


Can’t We All Just Get Along

Why is unanimous important?  Because it’s nice to see a Town Council actually agree on something that’s 
for the citizens they serve.   Tyler Place has the opportunity to provide locals, as well as the university population, a space that’s unique to our region – let’s hope they don’t change their minds midstream like Blacksburg and end up with several lawsuits on their hands.

Additionally, there’s a need throughout the Valley – including here in Blacksburg – for landlords to take care of the properties that they own.  This pilot program is a way for the City of Radford to monitor and enforce zoning that might have otherwise been overlooked.  There are some real dumps in the rental inventory right now … this is a good call on Council’s part. 

Dear Rental Inspector

If you wouldn’t mind, please give me fair warning before visiting the 300 block of Clement Street.  My tenants have been leaving a ton of garbage outside the door, I’d sure hate to get cited for their filth. 

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