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Don’t know if saw the article last month in the Roanoke Times about the number of Christiansburg residents who, according to the article’s author, are “‘pajamas journalists’ — keystroke correspondents eager to bestow
percipience on the politics, issues and bones of contention rattling
local government.”

Call them what you will, but folks paying attention to local issues and writing about them online is a good thing, in my opinion.  It’s another source of information, a different voice, and the anonymity of the Internet – whether that’s truly a good thing or not – encourages conversation.  So when I read the article – I’d encourage you to click through and read it – I knew we had to have some of these bloggers on the NRVLiving Real Estate Show.

Carol Lindstrom of DepotDazed, and Councilman Brad Stipes of AdvanceChristiansburg, both agreed to join us, and our heartfelt thanks to both of them for taking some time on a Saturday morning to do that.  The focus of both of these blogs seems to be transparency (the buzzword of the year, I think), dissemination of information and a call to action.  All worthwhile causes, and based upon the number of readers they’ve got, and the amount of comments they’re seeing, I’d say it’s working.  You can download the segments here and listen to them on your own media player.  I’d also encourage you to visit both blogs and subscribe – if you’re a Christiansburg resident, interested in living in Christiansburg, or just like to keep up with what’s happening in the New River Valley, these are two sites you must keep up with.

The Segments

Segment 1 with Carol Lindstrom of

Download 01_carol_lindstrom.mp3

Segment 2 with Councilman Brad Stipes of

Download brad_stipes.mp3

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