Is Roanoke Regional Airport Saying Goodbye To Its Last Flight?

I read yesterday on Jim Duncan's blog that he had been contacted by the Business Travel Coalition, who's email stated that Charlottesville could be an endangered airport due to, among other things, rising fuel costs.

The email sent out said that Charlottesville was one of 100 regional airports that are being threatened.  "Well", I thought (and yes, I typically think with quotation marks) "Roanoke is a regional airport, could they be on that list?"

Turns out that they are, along with Alexandria, Charlottesville and Newport News.

Airports At Risk

I can't imagine that Roanoke Regional would shut down; I think it's much more likely that we're talking about reduced flight loads (which, if you've been to Roanoke Regional on a weekday afternoon it's hard to imagine even fewer flights!), but the Business Travel Coalition got my attention. 

It's all in how you spin it, I guess.

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