Is Now A Good Time To Buy Or Sell?

This guy says buy

Here's the thing though.  There's no right time to buy, and no wrong time to buy, just as there's no right time to sell.  The right time is when you're ready.  There's no magic formula to getting the timing right, no right moment to push the button.  If you're looking to buy a home, let's talk with a local lender and discuss your financial picture.  If there are things we need to work on – credit improvement, down payment assistance, etc. – then we'll spend some time doing that to make sure you're in the absolute best scenario possible.

Likewise, if you're a seller, do NOT try and time the market.  There's no telling when the right buyer is out there, and the minute we try and time a listing is the minute we'll begin to get it wrong.  When you're ready to sell your home, let's talk about staging and getting it ready, and then let's go.

I like some of the comments in the article.  Some of them are very well thought out, and others are just sour grapes.  There are all sorts of "reasons" – it's the government's fault, people are stupid, offer 30% below list and that'll force sellers to be reasonable … Everyone thinks they're an expert.  None of us really are. 

Buy when you're ready, sell when you're ready.  Your story might just end up like these folks:

Buy Or Sell-1

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