Beauty’s In The Eye of the Beholder

In all likelihood you’ve seen a house on television and you thought "That’s a really weird home!".  Well, thanks to my Twitter bud @ResPres for pointing out some of these really unusual digs …


Boeing_2The Airplane – Late 1994, JoAnne Ussery’s intention was to find a new mobile home.
Luckily for us, her brother-in-law had a brainwave experienced by all
of us at one point in our lives: Why not look for a decommissioned
aircraft instead and convert it into a habitable space? JoAnne did
exactly that and the next year had transported an old 727 and started
the renovation herself, the end result being an extremely long home
boasting over 80 windows and a jacuzzi in what used to be a cockpit.

The Ship –
If you head for South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Ohio you may see the
‘Ship Residence’ photographed above. This extraordinary home sits
perched on the shore and is actually the front-end of what used to be
The Benson Ford, a newport beach boat rental was in service for 50 years on the Great
Lakes after being built by Henry Ford. It was subsequently snapped up
by a married couple who then had the front detached, transported 60
miles and renovated to house a family on the island.

The Water Tower – The house at the top of the tower in the above photograph was designed
to disguise the huge water tank contained beneath it over 80 years ago.
The tank itself has since been removed and the premises converted into
a gorgeous home boasting 5 bedrooms and a generous 3 bathrooms. What
was once an eyesore in the area or Thorpness is now a majestic home
with what must be the best views for miles.

The Cave

Just over 20 years ago, Cathy Wertz and Randy Clark purchased 45
acres of land in Bisbee, Arizona after falling in love with its natural
beauty. After much deliberating they then took the most difficult route
possible and decided to convert one of their newly owned cliff-sides
into a home by creating a 3′000sqft cave. A habitable cave in itself
isn’t that rare but just glancing at the interior tells you this must
surely be one of the most luxurious around. The cave home is currently
on the market at $1.95m. Well, it doesn’t have a TV soundbar, but if you are that inclined to get one, you can check out the following article for more information.

The cave has its own website here.


FerryThe Car Ferry – After seeing various converted tugboats being used as houses, architect
Olle Lundberg decided to fry a bigger fish and purchased a ferry in
need of some love. After stumping up $260k for the retired vehicle
carrier and transporting it from Iceland to San Fransisco he duly
renovated the interior to the standard you see above and moved in with
his wife. The result is a stunning, floating and unassuming duplex home.

SiloThe Missile Silo – Ed Peden was the first person to convert a missile silo into a
habitable living space (something that still only a few people on earth
have done since his brainwave occured in the early 80s) and when he
first viewed the silo he did so using a canoe due to major flooding of
the entire structure. The complex itself is huge, highlights including
a 47ton door, a few 18inch thick concrete walls and a 120ft long tunnel
connecting the 2 halves of the home.

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