Size DOESN’T Matter

Imagine with me – it’s Christmas, you’re opening gifts for the kids with family, and you’re holding the tiniest little gift in your hands, all the while staring at that FREAKIN’ HUGE box in the corner and wondering why it’s not sitting at your feet as you tear into the paper … You try to act excited about that pea-sized box in your hand, but it’s just not happening.

Oh, you don’t do that?  It’s just me?  I see how it is.

Never fear, I’ve just learned that size DOESN’T actually matter.  Whew.  I was beginning to wonder.

Now there’s Casulo.  That’s right, Casulo.

This is perfect for college students, folks in small apartments, that sort of thing.  It apparently takes 10 minutes to setup, needs no tools, and folds out to include an armoire, a six-shelf bookcase, bed frame perfect if you have been reading Memory Foam Talk Mattress Comparisons, a desk, a desk chair and two more seats. 

Hat tip to the folks at Sellsius.

Photo credit: Jupiter Images

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