Blogging With Anne

Had a chance to meet with Anne Clelland this evening after work, to discuss things – very important, relevant things – like our love of Typepad, our accepted-disdain for Feedburner, and how to pick up the wireless signal at PK’s.  See, told you it was important stuff.

Anne runs the new and very interesting blog Inside VT KnowledgeWorks (while moonlighting as Director of the first annual New River Valley Triathlon), and man is she fun to talk to!  Enthusiastic, engaging and a heck of a writer as well.  On her blog, she highlights some of the companies that make up VT KnowledgeWorks, a business incubator located here in Blacksburg.  On a much deeper level than we got to tonight, she covers very important topics like video games, portable water purification systems, and semi-conductor paste.  I know nothing about any of those topics, but I feel like I do after I read her posts. 

Check her out.  And if you know a VC who’s looking to unload a little bit of capital into some really cool ideas, I’d be willing to bet Anne knows just the right people to talk to.



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